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Warranty Policy

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All products, with the exception of products sold on as “Non-Returnable Products”, are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise noted. You can also purchase an extended warranty at the time of purchase if you choose to. Terms and conditions regarding such warranties can be sourced from the appropriate manufacturer directly.


If you purchase a product from us and it has exceeded 14 days since the purchase date, you may be able to make a claim under the manufacturer’s warranty if the product is faulty through no fault of your own (e.g. could not have been detected at purchase, it is not due to wear and tear/misuse or the product is defective).


If you want to make a claim to the manufacturer’s warranty, you are welcome to deal directly with the manufacturer yourself.


If the fault is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer will confirm this and arrange a full repair.


For products where the fault is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty (where applicable), we will provide you with a quote for the cost to repair your product and seek your approval of this quote before proceeding with the repair. If you decide not to proceed with the repair, you may still be required to pay costs associating with the processing of your return claim such as our processing fee and the manufacturer’s service charges.


Please note that repair timeframes are subject to each manufacturer’s warranty repair service and may vary. Once the product is returned to us from the manufacturer, we will arrange prompt return delivery of the product to you.


GS Computing Warranty

You can be sure that when you purchase a custom computer package from GS Computing, you are receiving quality parts that are manufactured to highest and most stringent specifications. All custom-built computer packages that are assembled by us are sold with a limited 12-month Return-to-Base hardware warranty, unless otherwise noted on your original invoice. You can also purchase an extended warranty at the time of purchase if you choose to.


The warranty covers all assembly errors and is valid for a period of 12 calendar months from the date shown on your invoice. If you purchase an extended warranty, this will appear as an item on your invoice and will extend the period that this warranty is valid.


Claims against the GS Computing Warranty should be made using the above returns process and can be made at any time during the warranty period as stated on your invoice.


We take the responsibility of servicing any warranty issue with your computer, so you will not incur any repair costs if your computer is submitted for repair within the GS Computing Warranty period and we find that the fault is one that is covered by the GS Computing Warranty.


What is covered by the GS Computing Warranty?
  • Errors or mistakes in the assembly of the components by GS Computing Technicians

  • Operating System & Driver Reinstallation, if a software corruption is identified by GS Computing to be directly caused by hardware failure, and entirely at GS Computing’s discretion


What is not covered by the GS Computing Warranty?
  • Anything covered under a manufacturer’s warranty as the manufacturer’s warranty will take precedence

  • Software problems such as corrupted system files and/or issues caused by viruses, Trojan horses, malicious and/or third party software

  • Shipping/delivery costs and/or any other costs that you or any other party may incur prior to, during or after returning a faulty computer for repair

  • Your data, you are entirely responsible for your own data and should backup all your files to an external device very frequently

  • Anything not explicitly mentioned above as being covered


What happens if the fault is not covered by the GS Computing Warranty?

If we find evidence of any physical damage, water/moisture damage, or any other damage resulting from misuse of the product including that caused by tampering with, modifying, over-clocking, removing, adding or changing any component of your computer or just general wear and tear, the Warranty shall be deemed void.


If we find that the primary cause of the fault with your computer is not one that is covered by the GS Computing Warranty, then we will provide you with a quote for the repair costs and ask if you wish to proceed with the repair. If you decide not to proceed with the repair, you will be invoiced for any work completed so far as well as any freight costs associated which must be paid immediately and the item will be returned to you.

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